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One-to-One Support Sessions

Brightfire CIC has partnered with Autism West Midlands to provide one-to-one support sessions for Autistic people aged 16+ in Herefordshire. As this is an NHS funded service you do not have to pay for these sessions.


If you have an autism diagnosis and live in the county, you can access up to four, one-hour sessions either online or in person. These sessions can be used to talk about issues which are affecting you, and to focus on any challenges you may be experiencing. We can work with you to help you think about how being autistic affects you and develop positive strategies to support your mental health and wellbeing.


Brightfire CIC support sessions are delivered by professionals who draw on their own lived experience, and professional knowledge.


We can also sign-post or refer you to other services in the community such as advocacy, financial or health & wellbeing support. Please note we are not an acute service, and therefore we are unable to provide support sessions if you are currently experiencing a mental health crisis. Please see our resources page for crisis support if you need urgent help.


You can self-refer to the Herefordshire & Worcestershire Community Autism Support Service by clicking below:

Herefordshire & Worcestershire
Community Autism Support Service

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