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Counselling & Psychotherapy

Person-centred counselling is a non-judgmental space to help you with challenges that you are facing, and to support you to find positive ways to move forward. 

During a counselling session you have the autonomy to bring any issues you want to explore. This is a space for you to talk about anything which is challenging for you. There is no subject which is out of bounds, and it is a safe space to explore things which may be too difficult for you to do talk about with other people in your life.

In counselling you may decided to focus on how you are in the here and now, and what might be helpful for you going forwards. You may be struggling with making changes in your life, such as with work or a relationship. Counselling tends to be focused on specific issues and is more likely to be short term. 

Psychotherapy tends to be more in-depth, and longer term, therapy. The sessions might be a space for you to unpick your feelings about your childhood, and to support you to resolve childhood events which are affecting you today. In sessions you might start to notice patterns in the key relationships over your lifetime, and learn to understand yourself and motivations with more clarity. Therapy can be a place for you to explore the underlying reasons for anxiety or depression to help you manage feelings of despair. or hopelessness. 

There is no one right way for you to be in therapy, and you can chose what you want to focus on. Bringing yourself, and being open to exploring whatever comes up in sessions is all you need to do. As a therapist I will follow your lead, and provide an autonomous space, for you to feel comfortable and safe.


The therapy space will always have stimming toys on hand, and the main light will always be off, with ambient lighting when needed. If there is anything in the space which causes a sensory challenge for you we will do our best to make the necessary changes. For online sessions we recommend you have a quiet and private space, with any item you find comforting to hand. You can chose to have your camera on or off, and communicate through speaking or via the chat function in Zoom. For all sessions I encourage you to move around the space, or take movement breaks, if it helps you to feel comfortable.

We can also include some Psychoeducation around managing your mental health, DBT Skills and exercises to support you with nervous system regulation, if these are tools you would like to incorporate in your sessions.

Counselling & Psychotherapy sessions are 60 minutes in duration, and can be in-person in Hereford or online via Zoom. 

Please feel free to contact us for a free 30 minute initial assessment, where you can ask any questions to help you decide if this approach would suit you.

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