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Our resources pages are a place for you to explore books, blogs, social media content, articles, and content from the Autistic Community, Advocates and Allies. We cannot monitor changing information on all of the link we provide, but we list here some of the sources of information and support that we have found useful for ourselves and clients. 

We are not affiliated with any of the content providers listed, nor to we endorse all their views.  Here some great resources that you may want to explore to learn more about Autism from a range of Autistic voices. We are constantly updating and rec=viewing the content, so please contact us if you have comments or suggestions.

Newly Identified?

If you are at the start of exploring your Autistic identity we recommend starting with this excellent TED Talk by Dr Jac den Houting as a good place to start:

Why everything you know about autism is wrong | Jac den Houting | TED

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