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Book Suggestions


This is a list of some of our favorites books about Autism for Autistic people and their allies.

If you have a smart phone, Alexa app and Kindle Reader app you can access many of these books by buying the Kindle version of the book. This can be less expensive than buying the physical book, and can be helpful for those who find it easier to listen to content, or who are dyslexic. Some of these books are also available to listen to on Audible.

Click on images for links:


Unmasking Autism: The Power of Embracing Our Hidden Neurodiversity

by Devon Price

'An essential roadmap for autistic people to be themselves.' - NPR

Autism in Adults.jpg

Avoiding Anxiety in Autistic Adults: A Guide for Autistic Wellbeing Paperback – 9 Dec. 2021

by Luke Beardon


Different not less.jpg

Different, Not Less: A neurodivergent's guide to embracing your true self and finding your happily ever after Paperback – 5 Jan. 2023

by Chloe Hayden

What I say.jpg

What I Mean When I Say I'm Autistic: Unpuzzling a Life on the Autism Spectrum Paperback – 23 Oct. 2022

by Annie Kotowicz


Helping You to Identify and Understand Autism Masking: The Truth Behind the Mask Paperback – 28 Feb. 2020

by Emma Kendall 

Guidetomental heal.jpg

The Guide to Good Mental Health on the Autism Spectrum Paperback – Illustrated, 21 Mar. 2016

by Emma Goodall and Jane Nugent. Forewords by Wenn Lawson and Kirsty Dempster-Rivett Jeanette Purkis


Women and Girls with Autism Spectrum Disorder: Understanding Life Experiences from Early Childhood to Old Age Paperback – 21 May 2015

by Sarah Hendrickx 

NeuroTribes: The Legacy of Autism and How to Think Smarter About People Who Think Differently Kindle Edition

by Steve Silberman

Werenot broken.jpg

We're Not Broken: Changing the Autism Conversation Paperback – 2 Aug. 2022

by Eric Garcia


The Autism Spectrum Guide to Sexuality and Relationships: Understand Yourself and Make Choices that are Right for You Paperback – 21 Mar. 2016

by Dr Emma Goodall. Forewords by Dr Wenn Lawson and Jeanette Purkis. 


The Autism Relationships Handbook: How to Thrive in Friendships, Dating, and Love (5-Minute Therapy) Paperback – 2 Dec. 2021

by Joe Biel  (Author), Faith G. Harper (Author)


The Autism and Neurodiversity Self Advocacy Handbook: Developing the Skills to Determine Your Own Future Paperback – 21 Feb. 2022

by Barb Cook  (Author), Yenn Purkis (Author)


I Am Autistic: A Workbook: Sensory Tools, Practical Advice, and Interactive Journaling for Understanding Life with Autism (by Someone Diagnosed with It) Paperback – 25 Oct. 2022

by Chanelle Moriah 


The Autistic Trans Guide to Life Paperback – 18 Mar. 2021

by Yenn Purkis (Author), Wenn B. Lawson (Author)


Label Me: My Journey Towards an Autism Diagnosis Paperback – 30 Jun. 2021

by Francesca Baird


 Field Guide to Earthlings: An autistic/Asperger view of neurotypical behavior Paperback – 1 Dec. 2010

by Ian Ford  (Author), Stephanie Hamilton


 Workplace NeuroDiversity Rising Paperback – 23 Nov. 2022

by Lyric Rivera


Spectrum Women: Walking to the Beat of Autism Paperback – 21 Aug. 2018

by Barb Cook and Dr Michelle Garnett. Foreword by Lisa Morgan.


The Awesome Autistic Go-To Guide: A Practical Handbook for Autistic Teens and Tweens Kindle Edition

by Yenn Purkis (Author), Tanya Masterman (Author), Emma Goodall 


NeuroTribes: The Legacy of Autism and How to Think Smarter About People Who Think Differently Kindle Edition

by Steve Silberman


Divergent Mind: Thriving in a World That Wasn't Designed for You Paperback – 18 Mar. 2021

by Jenara Nerenberg 


Neuroqueer Heresies: Notes on the Neurodiversity Paradigm, Autistic Empowerment, and Postnormal Possibilities Paperback – 29 Nov. 2021

by Nick Walker 

Fearlessly differebnt.jpg

Fearlessly Different: An Autistic Actor's Journey to Broadway's Biggest Stage Hardcover – 15 May 2022

by Mickey Rowe


The New Normal: Autistic musings on the threat of a broken society Paperback – Large Print, 2 Nov. 2022

by David Gray-Hammond 

Additional Books - Not specific to Autism.


Unf*ck Your Boundaries Workbook: Build Better Relationships Through Consent, Communication, and Expressing Your Needs (5-Minute Therapy) Paperback – 19 Mar. 2020

by Faith G. Harper

Burnout: Solve Your Stress Cycle Paperback – 16 Jan. 2020

by Emily Nagoski  (Author), Amelia Nagoski

A further resource which we recommend are the book lists compiled by 'Not an Autism Mom.' There are over 100 books on this site, organised according to interest. 
This is a fabulous resource for Autistic adults, families, educators and professionals.

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