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Social Connection Groups


In Development

Research, and our own experience of working with clients, tells us that Autistic people often experience social isolation. This can impact on mental and physical health, with a high incidence of anxiety, depression and increased risk  of suicide.

We believe that creating opportunities for Autistic people to build connection is one of the most important things we can do to improve Autistic people health and wellbeing. Connection with other Autistic people can provide spaces where we can unmask, and be our authentic selves.

We are working to create spaces where Autistic people can connect with others in safe and welcoming environments. We are currently under-taking research in Herefordshire to find out what kind of social groups Autistic people would enjoy.  Our consultation survey will be launched in February 2023.

We are also keen to collaborate with other local organisations in Herefordshire & Worcestershire who would like to co-create social groups for Autistic adults.

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