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Online Resources


There are a growing number of amazing Autistic advocates, professionals, vloggers, podcast hosts,  

and social media influencers. This list includes a selection of those which we value.

We have prioritised resources here for Autistic Adults as this is our client group.

You will find differing opinions and perspectives on these pages, as in all areas on society.

We are not affiliated to any organisations listed.


The Autistic Advocate - Kieron Rose

Autistic Not Weird - Chris Bonello



The Thinking Person’s Guide to Autis

The Girl with the Curly Hair Project

Purple Ella

The Neurodivergent Rebel

Autistic Empire


Harry Thompson PDA

Neurodivergent Insights

21 andsensory

Autism Level Up

Reframing Autism



Dr Christine Henry

Everything You`d Want to Know about Adult Adhd and Autism


Youtube Channels


Chloe Hayden - Autistic, ADHD

Amythest Schaber - Ask An Autistic on basics like

‘What is stimming’ & ‘What is sensory processing disorder


Autistic academics, researchers, teachers, speakers, trainers, and advocates.

Paige Layle - #actuallyautistic & Autism Advocate!

Yo Samdy Sam - Exploring the topics of autism and neurodiversity


Content is made entirely by autistic contributors, curated & presented by Quinn

Dr Nick Walker - Neuroqueer Author

Queerly Autistic

Flappy Hands and Stims!

Autistic trans male, posts reviews and general autism content

Spectrum Gaming

An accepting community for under 18`s with a shared passion for gaming

Kirsty Forbes - Autistic-led Education & Support

Peter Wharmby Experiences of being an autistic parent and teacher -

Hollie Mabbot Life as an autistic girl

Olivia Hops Bring awareness to what Autism looks like in females and adults

Mind Your Autistic Brain - Focus on burnout

Kelly Mayler Occupational Therapist - Interoception

Joe Wells Autistic Comedian

Hannah Gadsby Autistic Comedian

Facebook Groups

The ND Social Club: A Neurokin Network

Women with Autism/Aspergers UK Support Group

Autistic Women Support Group | LGBTQ+ Inclusive | Safe Place

Autistic Connections

The Autism Comedy Club

Autistic Inclusive Meets Community Group AIM

Paige Layle Autistic & Queer

Nicole Parish - Talks about her special interests and bugs

Emily Gale Autistic, parent -

AuTeach -

Tik Tok Channels

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